How to participate

It’s free! Just come and join in!

Infurnity 2.0 brings to you many different ways to participate! Simply open up your browser and join in on the fun! No registration or fee required.

Through our Twitch stream, you’ll be able to watch our events as they unfold. Also, we’ll be opening a Discord server where you can come in and chat with others as well as watch the steam! Finally, we also have an Infurnity-themed VRChat world where you can experience the world through interactive 3D!

Discord Server

Stream with your friends!

Twitch Channel

Watch our live events

VRChat World

A 3D interactive experience

Much time and effort has been spent by the Infurnity team into bringing Infurnity Online into fruition. Even though we will not be hosting an in-person convention this year, we still want to bring you a joyful experience through our online events!

If you enjoy Infurnity Online as much as we do, then you are more than welcome to donate to use through the following means. Your support is very valuable to us and keeps us going!

Buy staff a coffee

Your name will be shown on the Twitch stream!

Sponsor Souvenir Bundle

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Do I need to register?

No, registration is not needed! We will be streaming our official events on Twitch. We will open a Discord server and VRChat world for you to chat and hang out with friends.

Is attending totally free?

Yes! You do not need to pay or register in order to attend this event.

► I’m not a furry, can I still attend?

Of course! As long as you are open-minded and respectful to furry culture!

►Do I get anything for donating to your event?

The Sponsor Souvenir Bundle includes the exclusive 2021 T-shirt, button, and sticker set.

If you support us through a donation on the days of the event, your username will be instantly shown on the Twitch stream. As our gratitude, the names of our altruistic donors will be published on the website and shown as credits at the closing ceremony.