Discord Streamers Wanted

Share your screen and have fun together

Infurnity Online would like to invite experienced streamers to join our Discord, to share and stream their content with furries around the globe! Streamers are welcome to hop in and start chatting, streaming, and interacting whenever you’d like. And like if you were to be attending Infurnity and interacting with other attendees in person, there won’t be an official schedule to follow closely, and you may freely move between chatrooms and chat with other attendees. Do you also have content you can stream? You’re welcome to apply for the streamer role in Discord, where you’ll get access to the special streaming rooms. We’re excited for you to join us!


Application deadline: 2021/10/10

Acceptable streaming content: artwork, fursuit making, online tutoring, gaming and any other content you can think of!

► Stream content will be different from regular official events in that there aren’t restrictions for time of day or duration, streamers may participate and start streaming at any time during Infurnity Online. You’re also welcome to collaborate with a friend and stream together!
► Please prepare your own computer, software, internet connection, etc. for the stream
► Stream content should be suitable for all audiences. If you’re streaming drawing that involves sensitive content, please obstruct somehow to avoid sensitive parts from being shown
► Applications will be reviewed by Infurnity Staff, and if accepted, will be notified via email and invited to join the Discord channel on a future date.
► Applicants who are accepted and successfully participate in the streaming period will be credited in the Thank-you list on the official website
► Applicants from around the world are welcome, no restriction on timezone or location! Attendance will also be free.